More Fuzzy Appearances

From a hip-hop show last spring -- incredibly blurry performance photos!

The low light and fog machine really didn't help.  But they actually looked really cool, especially Ginger, in white.  She took her hood down right away and it looked awesome.  But they were almost over heated by the end of the thing.

And this summer 3 fuzzies stared in a promo for an event at IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts).  Still have to get a file of the video from Dylan, but here's a few photos of us in the tall grass.  This was the first time I'd worn one of the costumes for more than a few minutes.

That's me in red and Caity in blue.

Rebecca in black.  Pretty sure there are more pictures.  I'll add them when I locate them.  I totally love how they look with the little human heads sticking out the top.  The white fuzzy also appeared at Recycle Santa Fe, as worn by David.  Apparently he had a great chase going with a mob of children.  These things are always a huge hit.  So funny...