Holiday Spirit?

For the Meow Wolf portion of the holiday show at Eggman and Walrus Art Emporium in Santa Fe (show titled "Eggnog and Walnuts"), we decided to wrap oddly shaped objects.  Brandon and I wrapped a few things (like a globe and satellite dish) and then we teamed up on a 1950s bike:

The only things not wrapped are the spokes (we started, a then decided we didn't have the energy) and chain.  The thing that makes me most proud: all the moving parts still move -- the bike is technically still ridable. It took us about two hours.  We're considering starting a business. Got a wacky, difficult and time consuming idea? We'll execute it for you! Call for estimates.

We also decided that as Christmas was approaching, our new home needed a tree.  So we made one out of the green fuzzy.

Tree skirt/swan made from the white fuzzy and the Bjork swan dress I started years ago and never finished.  Love how the lights diffuse through the plastic.

It still retains some sort of person shape, even though it also makes a decent tree.  I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I was once told that the Christmas tree tradition began as a German pagan custom, the trees carried the souls of dead ancestors.  In that case, I like the human element to our fake tree.

More decorations and pictures to follow.