The Moon Is To Live On -- Fuzzies

Costumes for the Meow Wolf play (The Moon is to Live On) that I worked on. Here are the Fuzzies.

These are all made from plastic bags, painstakingly prepared, sewn on to strips and shredded, then hand-sewn onto a garment. I don't even want to think about how long one took to make. I did five.

The hugging was pretty popular...

They look pretty cool curled up in balls.

Also, moving. Best when worn by dancers, like Emily in this picture. They're really noisy...

Many thanks to Brandon and Kirstiann who spent an insane number of hours helping with the bag prep, sewing and cutting. Never could have pulled it off without them. Seriously, the man hours that went into these things is crazy.

They have since been used for a hip-hop show and will be used again tonight for a dance at the VFW party tonight. Hoping to take some video. I think they also have a spot in a music video later this month. I'm glad they're seeing a robust life after the show. They were only on stage for 5 minutes or so.

See the full flickr set from the play here.