Costumes from last summer

Two short films that include a few costumes that I made for a project by my friend Brian Willmont and a few of his bros from New York and DC (?) -- summer 2009. I made between 8 and 10 ponchos, each with their own weird flair, a vest, and a poncho covered in fringe. You can see the vest, as worn by the pilot, and the fringed poncho in this video:

And the ponchos worn by the two people getting mauled by animals are also things I made. (This video is mislabeled -- it's different from the one above.)

Here are a few pictures from the shoot with some of the other costumes:

Totally made that weird poncho!

And I just found pictures from the instillation Brian did at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco in September. I made a second fringed poncho for the show...

Front window...

Brain's art is really awesome -- not just his paintings, but also the cardboard sculptures (the hats and guns from the videos, AND the plane -- looks like he made cardboard boots and paper flowers for the instillation, too). Check out his stuff: