The Moon Is To Live On -- "Frustrated" Dancers

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These were the last costumes I made, and oddly, I'm kind of most impressed with them because they worked perfectly for the dance, which I didn't see prior to designing the costumes. They were little swing dresses, cinched with a draw string at the neck and had long straight-jacket like arms -- the dance was meant to illustrate the wife character's decent into paranoia and craziness. I guess...

I ended up having to make hoods last minute, which was a little frustrating because they ending up looking like something the Scarecrow would wear.

Each of the costumes were covered in tangled yarn, which got more and more tangled during every dance. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it ended up looking pretty neat.

It was a great and dynamic dance. Not the best pictures. I'm hoping some video surfaces soon.

See the full flickr set from the play here.