Journals from Recycled Book Covers

I started this project years ago -- hand cutting paper to turn old book covers into journals.  And then I ran out of time to finish them.  Luckily my lovely mother was willing to ship the mostly completed books to me and I finished them for the Meow Wolf booth at Recycle Santa Fe.  I think I made 16, and all but these 5 sold.  Actually, four of these have also sold -- Caity's mom bought them, and will be heading to Kansas at the end of the week.  Poor Delicate Feasting has a wonderful cover and title, but got a little warped in the intervening years it took me to bind the other side...

The other books are recycled paper with plastic screen printed covers and thrift store fabric spines.  Not that pretty, but two of them sold.  These guys are left overs.

I guess a number of people didn't get them.  I thought that I had done a pretty amateur binding job but I was told that a bunch of people couldn't figure out why they were considered recycled -- that they had just originally come like that.

Which might also explain why the two books in which I actually managed to retain the original end papers from didn't sell -- people probably thought that they were just old journals that we were trying to resell.  I thought the old end papers were really cool, but the only other person who seemed to agree was Nick, Meow Wolf's other book nerd.  (Nick and I actually met when we worked together at a used book shop and battled to take home choice items.)

I end papered the other books with these old road maps of Europe that I acquired a while back (at the aforementioned book shop).  I then screen printed a little Meow Wolf logo on the back end page to tag them all.

Kinda wish I'd gotten shots of the others before they sold.  There were some pretty awesome covers. I got all of them while working at the used book shop in Boston.  We got so many late 19th century hard covers in.  So many gorgeous, well designed covers, but such awful books.  No one wanted them, and after a while they'd just go in the dumpster, so I got permission to gut them when the time came.  I've still got a bunch waiting to be bound.