New show opened at Meow Wolf last night -- Habitats.

I'm pretty tired from working on it non-stop for the last 72 hours, so I'm just going to put a few pictures up. I'll write about it later. Good turn out for the opening. Kind of overwhelming.

This is about 180 degrees of the view from the entrance.
Click to make it bigger.

And here's my hut -- the weird owl igloo or whatever.

Some close-ups of the owl head that I made for the entrance.

I also did this weird hillside thing to cover the platforms. It's made from accordion cut cardboard.

More pictures later -- and more of the total installation. There was a swamp and a cave and tunnels and a mud hut and witch hut and couch boat and loft with a nest and then another nest and on and on... it's kind of crazy.

Prolly can see more at Meow Wolf's facebook page.