I made four of these little dudes last year for a meow wolf sale. One of them sold before I got to take a picture of him (he was light blue with a heart tattoo that said "Mom"). The yellow guy also ended up getting tattoos before he went off to my co-worker's nephew, Ash (two hearts that say "Mom" and "Dad" -- Ash's dad is covered in tattoos). The pink and the blue were sold at the meow wolf sale this year. I didn't make the pattern, but I did alter it quite a bit. They're a little tedious to make with the stuffing of all those little legs, but I just got a request for another one and I'm sure I'll end up making it. They're made from scraps of sweatshirt fleece, fuzzy side out, so they're very soft.

The blue one has a missing leg.

The yellow guy's name became Sammy.